The Carousel Boutique
rarity i just wanted to tell you that the way youre answering asks is not rebloggable.

Oh dear, you’re right! Would you like them to be rebloggable, darling?

Good idea! This is just the sort of thing Apple Jack would love to see!

Yes, I’m sure she would love it! Not that I don’t love it, too, of course… It just seems the type of thing Applejack would like even more! Hahaha…

Rarity! Rarity! Look what I found! It's a harmonica! *plays a few notes* Isn't that great!?!

Oh, uh… yes, Pinkie Pie, that’s marvelous! Why don’t you go and show Applejack your… instrument?

And don't forget her strange physics and gadgets. How did she even got a party cannon in the first place? She said it's been there in ages,but nopony has seen it popped up before last year's Canterlot Gardens.

Well, I always did wonder how she set up her parties so quickly. I suppose she must have used her party cannon those times?

Pinkie baffles even the greatest minds in Ponyville so I tend not to think about it too much.

But still,Pinkie is Pinkie.

That she is! She certainly makes my days that much more interesting with her antics. :)

Maybe those "Rumors" about the 4th wall and the silly humans must be real. But that's a thing that some silly pony may say.

Humans…? Oh, I thank I remember those from one of Twilight’s books! But that was just a book of fables, of course. There’s no way they could be real; how silly!

Steve? That name doesn't even make any sense!

It doesn’t, does it? Where does that Pinkie pie come up with these aliases?

pfft, who's pinkie pie? this is... uh... steve!

Oh reaaaally now?

Well, alright, Steve. It is oh so sad; I was about to invite you out to Sugar Cube Corner, if you were Pinkie Pie! But it seems I was mistaken. I suppose those cupcakes will just have to wait…

*squints* okie dokie loki... *slinks away*

Is that you, Pinkie Pie? I should have known it was you asking about eels all this time. Those asks were so very Pinkie!

but rarity what if you were secretly an eel

Well, I suppose that the eel world would be quite the fashion central, in that case! I could turn even the slimiest of creatures into a lovely gem. :)

Has there ever been a fashion trend that you despised?

There was a time when green hair was in fashion. I never could pull off green too well…

But that was a very short lived trend, thank goodness!

how do you feel about eels

They’re… not my favourite creatures. Though everypony is beautiful in their own way. They come in some lovely colours.